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Down The Rabbit Hole

Since my inaugural blogging days, way back in 2005, I have spent time shaping myself into a writer. At the age of eight, when asked what do you want to be when you grow up, I answered, I want to be an author. I wavered a wee bit as I grew. Nonetheless, the first proper grown up job I had centred heavily around writing and research. I've been a writer at Ask Me About My Uterus for some time. Recently, I joined Invisible Illness as a writer. I've submitted a piece to Catapult.  I spend a great deal of time on Twitter making connections and discovering editors taking pitches and completed articles. In addition to taking my snark for a jaunt, Twitter has proven remarkable for connecting me to the resources I need to advance my freelance writing career into something.

I have a list in the sidebar that links to my essays, a personal piece about my recent miscarriage; and a sardonic, sharp-witted piece about the darker side of living with mental illness - the bad, shitty days. Shitty…

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