Roxanne is a mixed race writer and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She lives with chronic, unremitting Bipolar Disorder Type 2 and PTSD. Professionally, Roxanne has experience and skill in government policy analysis as well as medical-surgical and oncological nursing. She has written Treasury Board submissions, briefing notes and speeches for Cabinet Ministers. Roxanne has also administered complex chemotherapy protocols, and managed the care of several patients with multiple critical medical issues.

Roxanne likes to explore the personal narrative as a style of writing, because ultimately, writers tell stories. Her interest in the lived experience of creatives, women, the chronically ill, and persons of colour means that she frequently writes about addiction, mental illness, reproductive health, and race. Roxanne likes to explore processes that make society tick, and cannot resist sticking her hand in the sticky pot that is the sociopolitical sphere. She focusses on non-fiction essays and articles though has been known to write some fiction.

Roxanne's writing embodies her reaction to things going on in the social and political world around her. Reading about an issue in the media or on CBC begins the conversation for her and then further reflection moves these ideas forward in her mind. Often Roxanne writes about something to learn about and formulate her own insights as well as those of others.

Roxanne currently writes for Ask Me About My Uterus and Invisible Illness. Her writing also appears on the Catapult Community site.


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